What are we working on?

Terry offered the Architects’ Journal a sneak preview of the Review this week and also a glimpse of what we’ve been focussing on recently: a lot of writing. The writing process requires, however, much reading and re-reading: of our research notes, of workshop meeting minutes and of submissions to our Call for Evidence. Over the summer we received over 200 written submissions (totalling over 1000 pages of text) representing the views of over 370,000 people. To ensure we were connecting with people all over the country, we also organised workshops in Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle. We complemented these reach-out trips with thematic workshops to ensure we were soliciting the opinions of a diverse range of professionals who engage with the built environment. We consulted planners, surveyors, engineers, project managers, economists, policy-makers, professors, contractors and architects. This wide-ranging outreach and engagement strategy has left us with a rich trove of quantitative and qualitative evidence to inform our writing, and it has all been a critical resource as we prepare a first draft of the Farrell Review.

The Review is organised around four core themes: Design Quality, Economic Benefits, Cultural Heritage and Education. While it is exciting to discuss our built environment from so many angles, this broad remit presents its own challenges: just as all of our respondents had much to say about the issue, so do we, but how do we present these views clearly, concisely and effectively? This week, and in the weeks ahead through Christmas, we’ll be working to hone our work so that we can present the government and you with the Farrell Review in 2014.

What are we reading?

We have over 24 hours of recordings, 200 written submissions and many months of research, not to mention all the notes from the meetings we have each week (and write about on this blog). We have been reviewing this material constantly throughout autumn. Now we’re returning to this collection to cite facts, pull quotes and note trends.

What are we watching?

As we look back on six months’ research it seems fitting to return to the day the Review kicked-off with a Breakfast Launch in an overflowing room at the NLA–London’s Center for the Built Environment.


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