Who are we meeting with?

Transport and infrastructure improvements have great potential for place-making and we’re looking forward to discussing that this week with the Department for Transport. Among our questions: what role is there for design in transport planning and how can we strengthen the relationship between both fields?

What are we reading?

Staying on the transportation/infrastructure research spur (excuse the pun), this week we’re reading through various independent reviews and policy recommendations from the past ten years to understand how our approach to infrastructure development has been changing and how we might be able to introduce design into the discussion. Much of the debate about high speed rail and strategic road networks tends to focus on the economic benefits of development, but what type of community benefits can a design-sensitive transport project bring about?

Among the reports we’re reading: The Eddington Transport Study, by Sir Rod Eddington; Better Rail Stations, by Chris Green and Sir Peter Hall; A fresh start for the Strategic Road Network, by Alan Cook; Roads Task Force by TfL and The Armitt Review, by Sir John Armitt.

What are we watching?

Evan Davis on engineering the future and challenges we face of refreshing the UK’s infrastructure, in particular the paralysis of analysis.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fKaZVRZwHE

What could be more dramatic than watching a giant drill tunnelling through London as part of the massive Crossrail project? See the incredible video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBPkGnHCkLg&feature=share&list=PLF8E85417123BEF2F


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